August 23, 2018 /

Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad



Get to know Ashie:

Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad is the founder of StemChef. She holds a PhD in Engineering from an Ivy League, Master in Biotechnology from Germany and Bachelors in Engineering from India. Previously she worked on big picture bio-energy development with the Director of Energy Bioscience Institute at UC Berkeley. She has dedicated a decade of her life working on renewable energy. She is now reimagining education by launching StemChef for the benefit of the future generations.

Get to know StemChef:

StemChef is a philosophy to teach kids science through cooking. It is a monthly science+cooking experience boxed and delivered to your door. A science concept is explained with an experiment and that phenomenon is actually used to cook up a couple recipes. The overarching mission is to get children, especially girls, addicted to STEM from a very young age. StemChef is out to give STEM fundamentals a yummy foundation.

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