Olivia Christian

Olivia Christian

Personal Brand Development Consultant, OWN your story

Olivia’s early professional career was dedicated to working with and on behalf of elected representatives that were committed to improving the lives of individuals and families living in the San Francisco Bay Area’s most vulnerable communities. In 2005, she left city hall and began working as a brand development consultant. Olivia’s clients have included organizations providing access to life advancing services to the underserved and female entrepreneurs developing resources and opportunities that support the professional and personal growth of other women. Her professional services include but are not limited to the drafting and execution of event, social, growth and fund development strategies as well as media production (video, podcast).

Through her workshop, Own Your Story, Olivia coaches professional teams and one-on-one clients in a methodology for crafting a personal brand story that incorporates both the logical—the head, and the emotional—the heart. Attendees develop the necessary skills to effectively convey the why, how and what of their personal brand story to any given audience.

Olivia is also the Executive Producer and Host of The Game Last Night, a sportscast that features conversations with professional athletes and coaches and their fan base from coast to coast. You can also get a listen to Olivia as a guest on National Public Radio’s, Only a Game.

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