Nicole Dahlstrom

Nicole Dahlstrom

Founder FemTech Collective

Nicole has a track record for building highly connected, engaged, and impactful communities. She is a self-starter and a seasoned leader with experience as president of a university student organization and director of an Americorps job readiness initiative under her belt. Through over six years of providing marketing and project management services to early stage non-profits, she has developed the ability to think creatively about capital and knows how to strategically use all the resources available to achieve a mission.

Get to know FemTech Collective:

FemTech Collective empowers innovation for female health. We are a global network of over 200 + FemTech founders, business supporters, and investors. Our mission is to connect innovators in the female focused health technology space through unique and impactful events, media, and an online platform.

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